Rental Information for UMC

Please contact the church for a rental contract at  402-234-2055. or just print from form below on this page.


Scantuary Rental for Non Member is $200.00

                                     Member   NO FEE


Fellowship Hall Rental for Non Member is $50.00

                                             Member is $30.00

                                Cleaning Deposit is $50.00    (sent back to you when cleaned)


Kitchen Rental is determined by the UMC Women's Organization

please contact Shirley Johnson at 402-234-7475.


Educational Building rental is determined by Administrative Council Board


                                   Accompaniment:  $75.00

 arrangements may be made by contacting Donna Albert at 402-234-2065.


Pastoral Services for weddings $200.00      (Premarital counceling included)

                                              (Payment to Pastor is made at rehearsal for wedding.)

A seven session premarital counseling is available, please contact the Pastor for more information.


                    renewal of vows  $  50.00




PLEASE NOTE:  The rental fee is fully refunded if the event is cancelled.


Rules and Regulations:


All dates will be cleared through the Pastor and/or UMC Administrative Assistant, 402-234-2055.

Rental payments due upon contract signing along with a separate check for $50.00 for cleaning deposit.


For building entrance contact:

        Pastor Wynn at 402-234-4895

        Trudy Sutton at 402-234-7095

         Marian Johnson at 402-677-1864


All setup and take down is your responsibility.  Please leave the area as you have found it.


All garbage shall be bagged and disposed of properly.


All decorations are to be removed.


Educational Building use is determined by the Administrative Board.


Receptions to be served please contact United Methodist Women's Group, Donna Albert

at 402-234-2065

Church Rental Contract

Louisville First United Methodist Church Rental Contract






Phone ____________________________________

UMC Member                 Yes                 No

Date ________________________________________

Event ____________________________________

Time _____________________________________

The United Methodist Church has this day leased to the Renter, for the use of : 

Fellowship Hall (     )               Sanctuary (     )

Education Bldg (     )                Kitchen  (     )

Pastoral Services (     )   Music (     )                      Accompaniment    (     )           Other (    )

The rental cost of the facility is  $ _______________

Check# _________________

Parties hereto agree that they have read and know the regulations governing rental use.

Renter Signature



Pastor’s Signature



Administrative Assistant Signature



Date _______________ Paid  __________