2018 Calendar of Events

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Sunday School & Adult Bible Class 9AM

Worship Service - 10:00 AM

Bob Wynn, Pastor



Pot Luck Dinner following (unless otherwise posted)
Fellowship Worship Service & Communion - 10:00 AM


Heart 2 Heart (Ladies Bible Study)

Every Wednesday morning starting at 9:30 in the Fellowship Hall.  Chairperson:  Donna Albert 402-234-2065. All are welcome! Come bring a friend, the coffee is always on.


Use FIND A CHURCH for vacations when away from Louisville

You can look up churches on the website:   www.umc.org then click find a church

there are over 400,000 churches in the USA.


Wouldn't it be nice to see different architectures (very beautiful churches out there and ours are one of them) and visit Jesus on your vacation.